Working Women Wednesday: Reena Goodwin

Working Women Wednesday is a bi-weekly highlight of the hard-working and wonderful women within the Girl Gang.
This week’s feature focuses on Reena Goodwin, Founder & Director of

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Your Local Girl Gang : Tell us about your business. What is your mission statement? When did you launch?

Reena Goodwin : FACTEUR PR was founded in 2016 as a boutique studio offering public relations, social media, content marketing, and digital creative services for emerging and established brands and businesses. We work mostly with lifestyle businesses in industries such as beauty, home, health and wellness, music, fashion, food and drink, events, design and more. A majority of our clients are female-owned businesses or brands with women in leadership positions. In addition to our one-on-one work, we also offer instant resources such as content calendar workbooks and templates, as well as in-person and online workshops with more to come in the new year!

YLGG : When and how did the idea for FACTEUR PR come to you?

RG : Owning a business has been something I have considered since I was young as I come from a family of small business owners. But specifically in terms of pursuing FACTEUR PR, the idea came to me about two years before I actually launched. I had been working in in the nonprofit world for years and desired a changed. For a moment, I did think about going to business school before actively starting a business. I’m sure it would have been beneficial, but instead I’ve surrounded myself with really smart people and focused on what I do know – which is a little bit of everything when it comes to marketing and communications. Especially here in Cleveland where our entrepreneurial community has been thriving, I saw an opportunity to serve those in the lifestyle and creative space by offering creative PR and digital marketing services. I launched FACTEUR as a side-hustle and it eventually became my full-time profession.

YLGG : Growing up, what was your dream job?

RG : Starting at 13 years old, I wanted to be a music journalist. It was the same year I attended my first concert and got the Internet at home, so I started an e-zine and a website on my own devoted to music I loved. My major in college was Public Affairs Journalism, and I thought for sure I would graduate, move to New York City, and get a job at a glossy magazine. Well, I did move to New York City after college, but it was a marketing job (at Columbia Records). I followed my dream to work in music, but instead of writing about it, I was promoting it. Still a dream!

YLGG : What piece of advice would you give to women starting their own business?

RG : First and foremost, just do it! But do it right. Create an LLC and apply for an EIN number if applicable,  open a business checking account, develop branding that is representative of your business, craft a contract and get your terms in order, and create a website or some kind of digital presence for your business. All of these steps can seem intimidating, especially if you have a full-time job, but I would really try to commit some time in the evenings and weekends to simply setting up your business. Your first impression is going to be so important, especially in the early days of your business when you are trying to gain trust in addition to revenue. The more you have buttoned-up behind-the-scenes, the more it will show to your clients or customers, and the more time you’ll be able to spend doing what you love.

YLGG : What do you like most about your workspace?

RG : The windows! I have three windows both in my work office and my at-home office. Prior to FACTEUR, I had never had an office with a window. Sure, I’ve worked in some beautiful spaces – from high-rises to museums – but when you spend a good deal of time in front of your computer, I find natural light to be so important. I work better and breathe better being near it.

YLGG : Have any mistakes shaped the way you run your business today?

RG : Yes, not listening to my gut. I started my own business somewhat selfishly if I am being honest. I wanted to serve clients I love, the ones I would consider to be in their target audience group. Early on, I did have one client (not in Cleveland) that approached me, and though I didn’t have a great feeling about our communications, I still signed them. Less than a week into our engagement I had to part ways, which is something I never wanted to do, but I can’t say in hindsight I was surprised, because I had a feeling. I know it sounds cliche, but listening to your gut or intuition or whatever you want to call it is so important. There are always going to be parts of our jobs and life we don’t enjoy, but if you can change it, do it. It will free up your time, resources, and your heart for the things that do bring you joy. The last thing you want to do is end up resenting the career you’ve created.

YLGG : What is something you could not go a day without ?

RG : My family, especially my daughter, Simone. Starting my mornings and ending the day with her are the highest points of my day. I also can’t go without my standing desk. Some days I’m running around or spending a lot of time in my car commuting between home, work, and meetings, so it’s nice to spend the time I need to take in front of my desk standing. Plus, my body just feels better.