Working Women Wednesday: Jessica Davis

Working Women Wednesday is a weekly highlight of the hard-working and wonderful women within the Girl Gang. This week’s feature is the Owner of Rebuilders Xchange (RBX), Jessica Davis.

Photo courtesy of Judith Vegh.

Photo courtesy of Judith Vegh.

Your Local Girl Gang: Tell us about your business. What is your mission statement? When did you launch?

Jessica Davis: Rebuilders Xchange (RBX) buys and sells construction material and architectural salvage from ordinary to extraordinary. RBX’s mission is to generate wealth and resources for individuals and businesses by creating  a vibrant market for reusable materials. Oh, and diverting tons of awesome reclaimed material from landfills. We officially opened our doors for business June 8th, 2017.

Along with the success of RBX, Davis also founded her own design and fabrication business in 2012: Davis Industrial Services. This is what led her to create RBX, as she saw there was a market for salvaged construction material.

She was also a Bad Girl Venture Finalist in 2015 and in 2016 she was honored as the German Marshall Memorial Fellow. She has also built homes with Habitat for Humanity in Guyana, Botswana, Nepal, Costa Rica and Yumbel, Chile.

This information was provided courtesy of the RBX website.


 YLGG: When and how did the idea for your business come to you?

JD: While working on construction and demolition job-sites, I quickly learned you never saw metal in the dumpster. There is a cash market for scrap metal. However, windows, doors and hardwood floors would end up in the trash (unless the property owner wanted them “donated” to a place like Habitat for Humanity Restore). I also noticed a trend of exclusivity in architectural salvage businesses: ‘by appointment only’...I thought, “What if the individuals who had access to building materials (contractors, laborers, builders, demolition crews) could get cash for a wood carved entry door like they could copper pipe?” Pretty much a love child between: HGR, Home Depot and Habitat ReStore...


YLGG: Growing up, what was your dream job?

JD: Lifeguard.

YLGG: What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

JD: I had an opportunity to meet with Marsha Serlin, Founder of United Scrap. Marsha basically said you will do better when you go out on your own.

YLGG: What piece of advice you would give to women starting their own businesses?

JD: Try not to make the same mistake twice, but make a lot of mistakes.

YLGG: What do you like most about your workspace?

JD: The PEOPLE!  The people I work with, the people who bring in materials (vendors) & our customers. Our customers are creative and they are all working on improving and transforming materials.  

YLGG: What is something you could not go a day without?

JD: Laughter.

YLGG: Name a woman, past or present, who you admire.

JD: All the women!