Working Women Wednesday: Ahren Booher

Working Women Wednesday is a weekly highlight of the hard-working women within the Girl Gang. This week’s feature is Ahren Booher, who started her own real estate team, The Art of Real Estate with Keller Williams Realty.

Your Local Girl Gang: Tell us about your business. What is your mission statement? When did you launch?

Ahren Booher: I started a local real estate team, The Art of Real Estate with Keller Williams Realty. I have been a full-time realtor for nine years (as of this September) and I have been both a solo agent and a team member.

In 2017, I decided I wanted to branch out and start my own team because I love helping agents grow their own businesses and teaching them how rewarding being a business owner can be. We have four full-time, female agents and we recently hired a full-time admin. We are on pace to sell about 125 homes this year and our goal is always to make buying and selling a home as stress free as possible!!

Our mission statement is: “When choosing a Realtor we understand there are plenty of options. So we want to over impress all of our clients with our diligence and professionalism. We aim to make purchasing and/or selling a home a fun and enjoyable experience!”

 We launched in the Fall of 2017.

YLGG: When and how did the idea for your business come to you?

AB: I knew from the day I earned my real estate license (September of 2010) that I wanted to start my own real estate team.


I had just earned a degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Akron but since I was raised by a mother who is also a business owner, I couldn't ignore my pull to be in business for myself. My team name “The Art of Real Estate” is how I pay respect to my love of the arts and my pride in my music degree.

YLGG: Growing up, what was your dream job?

AB: My dream job was, hands down, to be a famous singer!

YLGG: What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

AB: “Focus on the plan, not the problem”

 It’s very easy to get bogged down with problems when things aren't going your way and you’re experiencing a rough patch. However, if you remember your “big why” and your vision, it will help you persevere.

YLGG: What characteristic do you most admire in other entrepreneurial women?

AB: I love how part of pop culture, right now, is the whole “women empowering, women” vibe. I think we have discovered that we make a greater impact when you support each other instead of constantly competing. I love that women seem to take their ego out of business and just put in their heart and soul. Really magical things are happening with this “girl boss” movement and I am so pumped to be apart of it!!

YLGG: What piece of advice you would give to women starting their own businesses?

AB: Start with the end in mind. You have to make a vision board or something to remind yourself every single day why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you don’t truly believe in your “big why,” you’re never going to make it through the devastating, tough times. The risk is usually 100% worth the reward and there is usually beauty on the other side of a breakthrough!

YLGG: What do you like most about your workspace?

AB: As a realtor, I have many work spaces! My main work space is my car. So I love that I can jam music, catch up with a friend, and sometimes even take my pup, Luna. My other work spaces include my office in Strongsville which is only five minutes from my house, many local coffee shops, and my home office that holds my baby grand piano and tons of hot pink furniture!

YLGG: Have any mistakes shaped the way your run your business today?

AB: When I was getting started, I had a tendency to throw a lot of money at whatever new shiny object came to the real estate market. Lead generating systems, data bases, etc. After nearly two years of being a business owner, I hired a coach to help me take my team to the next level. He really cracked down on my expenses and my lack of knowledge of where my money was really going and what kind of return I was getting. I know have a profit and loss statement that I review monthly to ensure that I am truly netting money instead of just grossing money.

Business owners tend to brag about all of the money they’re bringing in but that number doesn’t matter if just as much (or more) money is going out. Bottom line, know your numbers!! Keep your expenses as long as possible and lead with revenue!

YLGG: What is something you could not go a day without?

AB: This is definitely a complete tie between coffee and puppy kisses from my yellow lab, Luna.

YLGG: Name a woman, past or present, who you admire.

AB: The obvious answer is my mom. She owns a very successful medical, water purification company that she started from scratch back in 1997. She was always in a male dominated field and held her own long before women were doing what she does. Also, despite working crazy hours, that lady never once missed one of mine or my sibling’s soccer/softball games, choir concerts, school function, ect! She is my inspiration and all of my drive I learned from her!!

A close second is Lady Gaga!