News from YLGG Founder

Hey Girl Gang!

You may have noticed that we’ve gone quiet on some of our channels recently. I have some bittersweet news. In July, I will be relocating from Cleveland to Denver, Colorado. My fiancé and I are both from Colorado originally, and we moved to Cleveland for his job in June 2015. I fell in love with Cleveland pretty quickly. We planned to be here for two years, but we stayed because the city sucked us in. I’ve never loved a city like I love Cleveland. I actually didn’t know it was even possible to love your city before I came here. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many incredible people and I have made a lot of friendships and connections that I know will last forever. But it’s time to move closer to our families, and take on a new challenge.

What this means:

  • The Girl Gang will continue to grow here in Cleveland. We’re not going anywhere. The beauty of YLGG is that the business owners who host events, the people who attend, and everyone who supports this community is what keeps it going strong. With some boots on the ground (see bullet point 3) and some time-zone management on my part, the community will continue to grow.

  • The Girl Gang is expanding to a new city! You can keep an eye out for a list of the women-owned businesses of Denver coming to the website soon. I’m so excited to start growing the directory in a new city because it means new networking opportunities for everyone, the chance to invite more women into this community that we’ve all built together, and the opportunity to build a small bridge between two of America’s greatest cities.

  • Our first intern, Emily, will be the new Social Media and Event Coordinator in Cleveland! She will be the person planning and executing our monthly events. If you would like to host an event at your business, she’ll be the person to reach out to. I will also be traveling back for events as often as possible.

My love for Cleveland isn’t going anywhere. I remain committed to helping Cleveland thrive and I plan to continue to do so through empowering women to start and support local businesses and championing entrepreneurship in Cleveland as a whole. I am also on a couple of boards—the Jumpstart Leaders Council and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Cleveland Advisory Board—both of which I will remain part of.

The past two years are truly just the beginning. Cleveland has been such a wonderful place to start the Girl Gang, and the support, advice, constructive criticism, and encouragement from all of you has helped prove that a community like this is worthwhile and wanted. Thank you all for being part of it thus far. Cleveland will always be the first!