4 Girl Gang Members to Support this Earth Day (& Every Day)

Everyone knows that you should recycle, compost, only eat organic, drink Fair Trade coffee, avoid chemicals, eat less meat, bike more, drive less, etc. But it’s hard to make those changes, and it always feels like there is more you should be doing.

In honor of Earth Day, here are four Girl Gang members whose businesses are trying to make it easier for you to respect the planet while not actually having to change too much of your routine.


Annie Lempke- Nellie Taft
Nellie Taft is an online clothing boutique with the goal of making on-trend, USA-made clothing affordable. Simple, accessible fashion you can shop from your couch knowing that it’s ethically sourced, thanks to Annie and co-owner Hayley. Plus, they named their company after badass first lady Helen Taft (first FLOTUS to: own and drive a car, support women’s suffrage, and successfully lobby for workplace safety standards), so what’s not to love.

Fave piece: The Ryan Top, $34. It’s the perfect spring/summer top, if those seasons ever decide to visit Cleveland.

Rachel Kayza- Aware Marketplace
Rachel’s primary goal with this shop is to educate consumers to be more aware of who they buy from, where it comes from, and what it’s made of. But she’s also selling such great products that it’s easy to forget you’re supporting an important movement. Visit the website or the brick and mortar to shop everything from home to baby to beauty.

Most excited to try: Mullein & Sparrow Dry Shampoo Powder for dark hair, $9. Made with organic cocoa powder, cornstarch, and kaolin clay, it’s much more natural than what’s in my current bottle.


Nicole Dzurko-  Revival Body Care
Revival specializes in skin, lip, and hair care. All ingredients used during production are Organic, Fair Trade, and 100% Vegan. Nicole does not use any chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances. Try Revival, and you’ll be happy you swapped out that jar of body scrub where you can only pronounce two of the ingredients on the label.

Most excited to try: Bloom Brow & Lash Serum, $14.95. I can actually pronounce every ingredient, unlike almost every other lash boost product on the market.
(Use code GIRLGANG20 for 20% off your purchase until 4/26)


DK Jones- Hippie Chemist
Hippie Chemist specializes in body and wellness products. All Hippie Chemist products are non-toxic and made locally, which means better for you and Mother Nature. All products also come in glass bottles, so you can either recycle them when you’re done, or return them to Hippie Chemist for $1 off per container on your next order. Plus, she makes products for pets, so your pup can be a woke consumer too.

Most excited to try: Yoga Mat Sanitizer, $9. Because who wants to inhale chemicals when you’re deep in child’s pose?


So, there you go. Four ladies trying to make you a more conscious shopper. Pick one of these local ladies to support this Earth Day, and remember, it’s okay to blow your shopping budget when you’re supporting these businesses. It’s like buying birthday presents for Mother Nature.