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Katie Kurtz is an Internationally Certified Life Coach and speaker who helps women to connect with their authentic selves and courageously live life on their own terms. She is the founder of Soul Connect, a coaching and connection movement that is redefining how women connect to themselves and each other. Through her coaching, in person gatherings, workshops and collaborations, Katie's authentic spirit and gift as a connector allows her to create space for women to be themselves, own their humanness, and come alive to their personal power. Katie resides in Cleveland, Ohio but connects with women worldwide. 


When and how did the idea for Soul Connect come to you?
When I look back at my mere 33 years on this planet, I realize I have always had Soul Connect within me. Ever since I can remember, I have known that my life’s purpose is to serve and connect. Growing up in grade school and high school I found forming female friendships challenging. I was shy, unsure of myself and never felt like I fit in. In college I really began to figure that all out and by the time I graduated, I didn’t know what I wanted or where to go. So instead I found myself feeling like  I “should” go to grad school and start a career. I kept looking to things outside myself for answers but only coming up with more questions. What’s funny is that I couldn’t really pinpoint what I wanted but I knew it was there, waiting for me to discover it. During this time I began to really get to know myself, what I want and how I want to feel each and every day of my life. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally realized that the biggest thing getting in my way was me. Once I gave myself permission to not be ready or have my sh*t together, it felt like a gateway of possibility occurred. I finally got clear on what I wanted and started to take steps to make it come alive. I realized I was craving authentic connection with like-hearted women so on a whim I had my good friend open up her living room and we had the first Soul Connect gathering one February evening in 2016.  That evening was magic because it was when I realized that women like me were also seeking this ability to deepen their connection to themselves but also have a community to lean on. That night, Soul Connect was born and ever since I have been on this beautifully messy evolution of bringing this movement to life.

"my biggest 'aha' is that no one has their sh*t together. therefore I don't have to constantly strive to appear like I do too."

What do you like most about your workspace?
My workspace is primarily online. I don’t have a brick and mortar so my home office or local coffee shop is where me and my trusty phone and laptop camp out.  My workspace at home is cozy and curated with art and tokens that inspire and remind me why I started.

Have any mistakes shaped the way you run your business today?
So many! I think my biggest ‘aha’ is that no one has their sh*t together.  And therefore I don’t have to constantly strive to appear like I do too, because that’s just exhausting! What I have found is that you don’t need to have your shi*t totally together to lead. You don’t have to have all the inspiring words to speak.  You don’t have to know everything to teach. You just have to show up and be YOU.  It’s about saying yes to your why and not to the fear that tries to convince you that you need to be ready or perfect to begin.


What is something you could not go a day without?
My tribe! Connection is what I am all about. I am grateful to have so many incredible family, friends, teachers and biz besties in my life. I believe in collaboration over competition. I am very thankful to have a circle of other coaches and female entrepreneurs that I connect with regularly. Whether it is group texts, coffee dates or skype calls- these beautiful humans are my life line to help me stay grounded and connected.

What characteristic do you most admire in other entrepreneurial women?
I admire entrepreneurs who do their own thing. My background is not in business, I actually work in the nonprofit sector so this world is still new to me. When I first started I found myself getting caught up in this fear of not knowing what I am doing. I have received a lot of great guidance and a lot of unsolicited advice in how to be an entrepreneur. Who I gravitate towards are the female entrepreneurs doing things their way. The business women making their own damn rules. I have mad respect for authentic entrepreneurs-women speaking their truth and not allowing the expectations of others dictate how they show up.  I have learned so much since starting my own business and I have SO much more to learn. I am definitely an unconventional business owner. I am not irresponsible, I just choose to care more about living in alignment with my vision and values rather than my SEO and followers.  

Growing up, what was your dream job?
When I was a kid I wanted to be an ice cream scooper. Not gonna lie, that dream is still alive!

What piece of advice would you give to women starting their own businesses?
BE YOU.  You have a unique voice, incredible gifts and a light like no other-the world needs more of what you got! When you get clear on who you are and where you are going, it clears a path so that the other stuff doesn’t matter because you are grounded in your {why} and showing up authentically.


What has been your greatest success since starting your own business?
My biggest success has been redefining what success is. I used to think it was all about getting all the recognitions, the certifications, the followers but really, all that doesn’t matter. It’s about ensuring that each day I am embodying this work, aligning with my why and showing up to serve. I continue to work a full-time job in addition to running Soul Connect so the hustle is real. But I have actively chosen to hustle with heart. I have taken these concepts of success, hustle and entrepreneurship and redefined them on my own terms-no one else’s. By doing this I have lifted the weight of expectations. I have been able to harness my creative freedom and run a business that lights me up.


What is the best piece of business advice you have received?
Stay in your own lane.  As a former perfectionist with deep scars carved out from comparison and people pleasing, it’s hard not to jump lanes and completely derail.  In the coaching industry, there are so many different kinds of coaching businesses and it can be hard not to get swept up in the comparisonitis which for me then spirals down to the “what the hell am I doing? or how am I different?” types of rabbit holes.  Because I am so connected to my {why} and grounded in my soul values, whenever the inevitable fear creeps up (because trust me, it does) I go back to this foundation and begin again.

Name a woman, past or present, who you admire.
This answer always goes back to one woman-my sweet mama.  My mom isn’t a business woman or successful entrepreneur but she is a beautiful human who always, always lives her life seeing the best in others and cultivating joy whenever possible.  She is the most patient person I know, my rock to lean on and inspires me always to be my best self. If I can bring even a fraction of the joy, compassion and dance moves to this world that she has, I will consider my life well spent.

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